Why ‘post-PC’ is a far bigger threat to Microsoft than Mac or Linux ever was

“The winds of change are approaching, and Microsoft is embarking on what I believe to be its biggest challenge yet … the end of the road for the x86 architecture,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.
“Microsoft’s success was based on the PC, and we’ve now entered what is most definitely a ‘post-PC’ era,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “One surefire indicator that we are now in a post PC era is what buyers look for in a device. Those old metrics such as GHz and GB (or even for some, the physical size of the system) have given way to new metrics such as weight and battery life. ‘Post-PC’ has in many ways made the personal computer even more personal.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “This shift to ‘post-PC’ is dangerous for Microsoft. It’s dangerous because it’s a big transition. Windows is very much a PC product, and much of what makes Windows what it is simply won’t carry forward to ‘post-PC’ devices… I know a lot of people who have considered making a switch from Windows, but one of the things that keeps them on the platform is that they know and are comfortable with the way the operation system works. Well, like it or not, these people are going to have to learn something new, and if they’re having to learn something new, why stick with Windows?”


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