Inside Apple: What it’s really like to work at Apple and how its secretive behavior pays off

“Among the many amazing things about Apple is how scrutinized it is. Rarely have a company, its products, and its top executive — the late Steve Jobs — been so thoroughly examined,” Adam Lashinsky reports for Fortune.
“And yet, for a corporation so frequently discussed, Apple is poorly understood,” Lashinsky reports. “Its products are ubiquitous, but information about the institution is scarce — which is exactly how Apple wants it.”

“Apple steers the conversation to its gadgets — for sale at an Apple store near you! — not its modus operandi,” Lashinsky reports. “In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–and Secretive–Company Really Works, I hope to shine a light on how this company labors to keep the world from knowing what’s going on inside its walls, with secrecy, both external and internal, being one of Apple’s key tools.”

Lashinsky reports, “It’s ironic, really. The business world keeps nattering on about the importance of corporate transparency, yet the most successful company in the world is beyond opaque. Born from a feature I wrote for Fortune last year, Inside Apple dissects Apple’s covert ways and provides a road map for less-buttoned-up companies to follow.”

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