Steve Jobs may have been an arrogant jerk at times, but he wasn’t a narcissist

“If you read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs, you’d know that he was a tough boss — most definitely a jerk at times — and in many ways extremely arrogant,” Aimee Groth reports for The Business Insider.
“But was he a narcissist? And does it matter if he is? The answer to the first question is no, he was not, according to Eric Jackson at Forbes based on a study of CEO narcissism,” Groth reports. “The answer to the second question is, yes, it does matter quite a bit. Narcissistic CEOs have destructive tendencies that can ruin companies.”

Groth reports, “Narcissistic CEOs make hugely different strategic choices for their companies than non-narcissistic CEOs. They’re more likely to take big risks, more frequent risks, and make moves that will get lots of public attention. This means their company’s performance is more volatile; and these CEOs tend to engage in more mergers and acquisitions… Jackson notes that narcissistic CEOs spend more on advertising and R&D and take on more debt, even when their company and/or the economy is tanking.”


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