Huge throng of red cap scalpers crushes Shanghai Apple Store for iPhone 4S launch (with photo)

“Huge lines for the iPhone 4S are seen at all five Apple stores in China, and in the Beijing Apple store, we see hundreds of queuers with red caps getting ready to buy the iPhone 4S to resell later at a profit,” Chris Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget.
“We are very impressed by the lines. With close to eight hours (at the time of writing this article) still to go until opening time, there are already massive queues outside of China’s five official Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai, all in readiness for the launch of the iPhone 4S,” Chang reports. “Interestingly, at one of the Apple stores in Shanghai, hundreds of queuers with red caps are seen. According to our tipster, they are a group of local citizens hired by the gray market dealers. They are being paid 100 yuan ($16) to queue up for 12 hours.”

Chang reports, “According to some Chinese Apple fans outside one of the three Shanghai stores, there were already about 60 people lined up outside at around 1pm afternoon. Now, there are almost a thousand people braving the cold weather.”

20120113-065215 AM.jpg

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