Apple could be gearing up to go ‘thermonuclear’ in 2012

“How do you decide to buy, hold or sell a stock? It can be as complicated as choosing which babe you ultimately will settle down with (or why settle down at all?)! Aside from using basic fundamental and technical data to sort stocks, I often use “tipping points” (like I did shorting RIMM) to decide position sizing and trade decision,” The Ugly Truth writes for Seeking Alpha.
“Steve Jobs told Isaacson that he’d rather wage ‘thermonuclear war’ with Google (GOOG) than make deals to share its technology with the maker of the Android operating system,” T.U.T. writes. “While it cannot be proven, it would not be far fetched to think that Eric Schmidt (a former member on Apple’s board of directors) did share Apple’s iPhone plans with GOOG. Also, does anyone remember what cellphones looked like before the iPhone was launched in 2007?”

T.U.T. writes, “To think that Tim Cook isn’t as shrewd as Steve would be a mistake; he just isn’t as bombastic as Steve. Given that there isn’t as much material relating to Tim as there is with Steve, I’ll attempt to paint a picture of the man whom I think is very underrated as a leader and manager.”


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