Apple’s move from Intel to ARM could be closer than you think

“Apple’s move from Intel to ARM processors may be closer than you think,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.
“The highly rumored iPad 3 is said to be doubling the current iPad 2 pixel resolution, moving from 1024×768 to 2048×1536. The move effectively increase the pixel count by over 4x, which is stunning for a device this size,” Reschke writes. “Apple is likely to upgrade to a quad-processor to help things along, but a massive boost in graphics processing power would certainly be required to push that many pixels.”

“Apple has a knack for great timing. On Tuesday, Imagination Technologies publicly announced it’s newest line of PowerVR, which may boast up to 20 times more of the performance vs their current core of GPU cores,” Reschke writes. “Such power integrated into a quad-core A6 processor would be able to make the iPad 3 roar, but it may deliver enough power to justify landing into Apple’s Mac product lineup, starting with the MacBook Air.”


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